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Ten minutes drive (9km) will bring you to an island, now linked to the mainland by a beach and a causeway.
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When Iceland’s first official settler, Ingólfur Arnarsson, arrived in Iceland in 874 his half-brother Hjörleifur Hrodmarsson wintered on the east side of the headland that bears his name.
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Garðar is the southernmost farm in Iceland and once launched open fishing boats from this steep beach. When huge waves crash onto the shore it is easy to believe that you have 10,000 miles of open ocean between you and Antarctica. 
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Close by the main road and only 50km west of the hotel the waterfall tumbles 60m over the old sea cliff into a deep plunge pool. It has so undercut the rocks that it is possible to walk behind the cascade.    
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Skaftafell forms part of Europe’s largest National Park – Vatnajökull – and makes a good day out from the hotel. Skaftafell may be 120km to the east but is easily manageable in a day and you will be well rewarded.   
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Jökulsárlón (literally "glacial river lagoon") is a large glacial lagoon in southeast Iceland, on the borders of Vatnajökull National Park.   
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The hamlet of Skógar lies 23km west of the hotel and is well known for its fascinating folk museum. The thing that draws you in from the main road is the thunderous Skógarfoss waterfall bringing water from the melting snows between the two icecaps.   
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Sólheimajökull, The longest glacier to descend from the Mýrdalsjökull icecap, lies just off the main road and only 21km from the hotel. It is readily accessible by small cars crossing the rugged outwash valley floor.    
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The small town of Vík lies 9km east of the hotel. Nestling beneath the mountain and sea cliffs of Reynisfjall it is one of the most attractive settlements in Iceland.    
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Now that there is a ferry terminal only 64km west of the hotel you can easily take in a day, or part of a day, on the main island, Heimaey where the volcanic eruption occurred in 1973.    
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Only 60km west of the hotel lies one of Iceland’s most beautiful valleys surrounded by mountains and the lofty glaciers ofthe Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. There are two huts at the head of the valley, which is richly clad with birch trees.    
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